Accommodations for International Students in Singapore

Singapore has always been a popular country for international student to study at due to its world class education. The small country that continuously improves its quality of education also holds 2 top universities such as NTU & NUS that rank 11th globally. You are highly recommended to book the accommodation prior to arrival, If you are one of them who is planning to benefit from Singapore’s education. Luckily, there are plenty of accommodations for international students with varying preferences and budget in Singapore.

Here are the most common type of accommodations for students:

Housing Development Board (HDB)

In Singapore, HDB flats are the most common form of housing for Singaporeans. They are government-subsidised housing that is widely available anywhere across the country. Rental of entire HDB flats or singular room is very popular among everyone as they are one of the cheapest option. Other than being economically friendly, they are also usually furnished with amenities such as washing machine, kitchen, TV, internet, air conditioning, etc. HDB flats are usually nearby supermarkets, eateries, clinics and the transportation system, making it very convenient for the residents there.

Depending on location and size of the flats, the cost of these flats varies. According to, in Ang Mo Kio, Single room can cost $800/month while an entire 3 bedroom flat cost $2,500/month.

Private Housing

Private housings in Singapore are not as common as HDB flats, however, they are still prevalent all across the country. These private housings are sometimes known as landed property or condominium. Even though they are quite similar to HDB, they are generally more expensive as they may be equipped with facilities such as swimming pools, gym, barbecue pits, tennis court and etc. Due to their high costs, many students share an entire flat with their friends to reduce the cost per person.

According to, in Ang Mo Kio, rental for single room cost about $1,100/month and an entire 3 bedroom flats cost about $3,300.

Serviced apartment (Up to $4000 and more monthly)

Serviced apartments are usually for students with higher budget or accompanied by family members that are seeking additional comfort for a slightly longer period of time. This is one of the most expensive form of accommodation for international students as their amenities are no lesser than a normal home, with a hotel-style service like housekeeping. In short, they are homely apartments that is owned and managed by property company.

There are many varieties of serviced apartments in Singapore, from basic to lavish and studios to penthouse. Furthermore, they can cost up to $4000 or more monthly.

Student Hostels

For another cheap alternative, international students can opt to stay in hostels that could have single to four bedded rooms. Unlike the other types of accommodation, hostels provides additional services such as meals, laundry services, supervision, recreational activities and etc. Furthermore, students staying there can easily socialise with the other boarders that is of similar age and interest.

Another form of accommodation similar to hostel is home-stay, where families open up their home for international students or boarding school, for secondary school and junior college students between 13 and 19 years old. International students staying in hostels usually forge very strong bonds and friendship among the boarders and seldom feel lonely. Their prices differs from place to place but they roughly cost about $500 to $1000 per student monthly.

Milchel is a hostel that focuses on providing accommodations for international students in Singapore. We offer our students with physical care, character training, and academic guidance as their total development is our priority. We provide shelter, love, care, guidance to our students to maximise their potential as an individual. In Milchel, we aim to provide not just a place to stay, but also a place that students can call home.

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