Our Story

We were brought up in a small family of four.  Our mother was a teacher in a Primary School and our father was a businessman.  They have always taught us to chase our dreams and never restricted us in our career choice.  Moreover, they guided us, and to this day continue to inspire us, to be diligent, kind, generous and caring towards everyone.  This shaped our vision in our life as well as for MILCHEL, our big extended family.

When we per chance started the operation of MILCHEL in 1997, we did not have any big vision – we were just here as we enjoyed helping and spending time with our students who we call Milchelians.  Eventually, seeing how Milchelians blossomed and improved while we grew together, our vision for MILCHEL grew, too. 

Today, we hope that we can grow MILCHEL to be strong.  We hope to improve our ability to reach out to help more students who would like to be part of our big MILCHEL family, to grow with us while we groom them to be future entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders in their own right.  In turn, they can contribute to societies with their achievement.

Hopefully, in our journey ahead, we could invite all stakeholders who we share our vision with to join us in this purposeful journey and bring forth more contribution to the society.

– Mildred and Rachel

Introduction to Milchel