REGISTRATION FEE (non-refundable)

A non-refundable amount is payable at the start of the boarding service at Milchel Pte. Ltd.

Long Term Boarder (stay for 6 months and above) – S$200 per time
Short Term Boarder (stay for 5 months and below) – S$50 per time

DEPOSIT (refundable)

For Long Term Boarders – Stay for 6 months and above

The amount for boarding deposit will be equivalent to two month of the agreed 
boarding fee
 payable upon reservation.

Room Type Deposit
Single (1) S$3,700
Double (2) S$3,400
Triple (3) or Quad (4) S$3,000

For Short Term Boarders – Stay for 5 months and below

Room Type Deposit
All types S$500

Terms & conditions :

    1. All long term boarders must have a deposit with Milchel Pte. Ltd. throughout their stay with us.
    2. We have a right to double the deposit held in the event that the payment made are not regular and prompt.
    3. For boarders who would like to upgrade their room type to lesser boarder per room, the boarder 
      will have to top up their deposit according to the deposit required of the room type.
    4. For boarders who would like to downgrade their room type to more boarder per room, the deposit 
      will remain but the full deposited amount will be refundable with sufficient notice given.


Long-Term Boarder

    1. There will be no refund of deposit if booking is cancelled.
    2. Deposit will be returned to the boarder on their last day of boarding in Milchel if sufficient notice / at least 30 Days notice of withdrawal is given. Boarder will have to fill the withdrawal form which can be obtained from the office and submit to the management.
    3. The deposit for long term boarders will be refunded at the end of their stay upon clearing all outstanding payment.
    4. If no notice or less than 30 days notice given, the deposit will be forfeited.

Short-Term Boarder

    1. There will be no refund for short term stay payment except the deposit.
    2. Deposit will be returned to the boarder on their last day of boarding in Milchel upon clearing all outstanding payment, if any.
    3. There will be no refund of boarding fee for later date check-in if notice is given less than 14 days prior to check-in date and there will also be no refund for any period of stay unconsumed.

With Bond

For boarding agreement with bond period, the deposited amount will be forfeited if the boarder terminates the boarding agreement within the bond period. 

Return Boarder

For boarders who had terminated their boarding agreement with us and would like to stay with us again under the following conditions :

    1. Stayed with Milchel for a 2 months or more period regardless of status as a short-term (ST) or long-term (LT) boarder
    2. Terminated their boarding agreement with us not exceeding a period of 4 months

Boarders will have to pay the boarding fee for the period between the termination date and the re-instatement date unless otherwise supported with reasonable documents for waiver.

LEVEL UP PROGRAM – Case by case (non-refundable)

Although we provide academic results target setting & basic supervision for our students, in special cases where our counselors are required to provide close supervision weekly or bi-weekly an addition fee is chargeable. A few of the instances could be as follow:

    • Students diagnose with learning difficulty and require weekly counseling and monitoring
    • Students who has discipline issues in school whom require counseling and close monitoring
    • Students with behavioral issue that need counseling

A monthly fee of $200, $300 or $400 is chargeable to for boarders under this program. In these cases, a monthly report on the child progress will be generated for the parents’ information.
Students will be taken off the special care program once they have learned good habits and is no longer causing harm to themselves or problems in school and so forth.

SPONSORSHIP FEE – Optional (non-refundable)

Sponsorship for students’ pass application for government schools can be provided for boarders staying with Milchel. The sponsorship fee is a one time, non-refundable payment of S$1,000 per agreement.This amount is payable before the processing of the application. This sponsorship will be ceased when the boarder terminates his/her boarding agreement with Milchel Pte. Ltd.

PROGRAM FEES – Optional / Case by case (non-refundable)

Programs fee consist of our English Reading Program (ERP) and Activities in Milchel. This fee is compulsory for pre-tertiary boarders and the amount is $1,200/year.

For boarders that join us after January of the year, the below will be payable :

English Reading Program (non-refundable)

    • Pro-rated for newly joined long-term boarder at $35/month, to be charged if stay for the 1st calendar month is more than 7 days
    • Short-term boarders at $15/week and part thereof (optional)
    • Applicable to pre-tertiary level boarders

Activity Fee (non-refundable)

    • Pro-rated for newly joined long-term boarder at $70/month. To be charged if stay for the 1st calendar month is more than 7 days
    • Short-term boarders will be advised on the activity fee based on the type of activity fee (optional)
    • Additional charges for special activities will be advised

Sports clubs (Optional)

    • MUFC (Milchel united Football club)
    • MBBC (Milchel Basketball Club)
    • MBC (Milchel Badminton Club)
    • MDC (Milchel Dance Club)

Members’ fees vary depending on expenses of the club as well as number of members. Members’ fees are only applicable during month where there is sports session. Do check with us for more information.

Ad-Hoc activities (Optional)

Amount will vary with activities. To be advised.
Refer to Activities page for more details.