In Milchel, we provide our boarders an all-rounded care. We take care of Milchelians’ physical needs, provide academic guidance, and facilitate character building at their growing age. Warmth services like tending their pocket money and assistance in doctor visits when they are sick are also part of the hostel’s daily operation to ensure that the boarders are well taken care of as their parents would do when they’re at home.

Fees & Facilities

Room Type Boarding Fee per month Location
Single (1) S$1,850.00 per Milchelian 333 only
Double (2) S$1,700.00 per Milchelian 529 and 333
Triple (3) S$1,500.00 per Milchelian 529 and 333
Quad (4) S$1,500.00 per Milchelian 529 and 333

Please note that sponsorship and guardianship for the student will be terminated once the student end their boarding agreement with MILCHEL Pte. Ltd.


The initial boarding fee shall be paid from the first day of boarding up to the last day of that particular month. Thus it will be calculated according to the following formula:

Room Type Formula
Single (1) No. of days x S$67.00
Double (2) No. of days x S$62.00
Triple (3) or Quad (4) No. of days x S$57.00

If the amount calculated by per rate is more than a month boarding fee, the lesser amount will be charged.


The subsequent rental shall be paid on the 1st day of each month. We reserve the right to charge a 3% interest on any amount unpaid 10 days after the date of issue unless otherwise agreed. Milchel Pte. Ltd. reserve the right to terminate any boarding agreement with the boarder if the payment owe to us is not being paid for up to two months or more. The boarder will be asked to leave with all payments cleared to date.

If the last day in Milchel is not on the last day of the month, the boarding fee for that particular month will be calculated using the formula above.

Our Facilities

    • Wi-Fi
    • Library books / E-Library
    • Fire alarm system & escape stairways
    • Security camera in common assess areas
    • Pin-Code / Assess Card security door
    • Table tennis Table
    • Air Conditioned Recreation Room

Payment Mode

For convenience we have the following mode of payment available:

    1. Cash at MILCHEL PTE LTD premise
    2. Singapore Cheque or Bank Draft payable in Singapore currency (Payable to: MILCHEL PTE LTD)
    3. Internet Banking or Pay Now via UEN no: 200600031H
    4. Bank Transfer:
        Bank Name: DBS Bank Limited Singapore
                                   6 Shenton Way,
                                   DBS Building Tower One
                                   Singapore 068809
        Account Name: Milchel Pte Ltd
        Account Number: 024-901091-5
        Bank/Swift Code: 7171 / DBSSSGSG
    5. Flywire via this link – https://milchel.flywire.com/
      (Accept Various credit cards/ local bank transfer of respective countries)
    6. Alipay (please contact us for more instruction)

Please note that all the charges incurred by the bank will be bear by the sender. 
Receipt or endorsement will be given for all payment.
We are not a GST registered company.