Frequently Asked Questions


How are the rooms allocated?
You may choose the room (subject to availability) or we can assign the rooms for you according to the age and compatibility in character of the boarders.

How are the female and male rooms separated?
Depending on our site and block, Male and Female rooms are generally separated by floors.

What should I pack to study in Singapore?
Please click here for Milchel Welcome Pack and Packing ListThe rooms in Milchel are fully furnished with study desk, wardrobe, and bed set.
Please do not bring from your home country any extension cord as we only allow usage of extension cord with Singapore Certified ‘Safety Mark’.

How is laundry managed at Milchel?
Dirty laundry will be collected for washing 3 times a week and it will be returned to the respective rooms.
Please note that female students have to wash their own undergarments and they can dry them at the designated area or in their own room.

Do you change the bed and pillow linen?
Yes, we change the bed and pillow linens every 2 weeks.

What meals are served at Milchel?
We serve 3 meals; Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner daily.  We provide variety of dish such as Local Singapore food, Italian, Western,  Japanese, Thai, and Chinese.

How are meals served at Milchel?
All meals are served buffet style. Breakfast is served from 5:30AM until finish. Lunch is served from 12PM to 4PM. Dinner is served from 5PM to 8PM.

Am I allowed to cook at Milchel?
Yes, but only light cooking such as; instant noodles and microwave food are allowed in our shared pantry.

Is Milchel building safe?
Yes, Milchel buildings meet the safety standard set by Building and Construction Authority. In addition, our hostel can only be entered by access pin code/access card.

What do I do if the light in my room is spoilt?
Please approach our staff and fill up the maintenance request form. We will arrange for repair.


What can I do on weekends?
You can join our Sports Clubs which run their activities on weekends. In addition, we usually have Character Building Activities, Life-skill Training and Charity activities on weekends.  Otherwise, it will be free and easy at the hostel or you may hang out with your friends.

Am I allowed to go out other than going to school? Is there curfew?
Yes, you are allowed to go out other than going to school depending on your age group.  For more information you can refer to our Milchel Survival Guide.

What if I am sick?
Please inform any staff or Guardian, we will bring you to see the doctor. If the doctor prescribes medicine, our staff will have medicine monitoring to ensure that you recover well if required.

What if I am homesick?
Please approach any staff or Guardian, our experienced staff will guide and help you. 

I have disagreements with my roommate, how can you help us?
Please approach any staff or Guardian, first, we will mediate in order to solve the problem. Otherwise, we can arrange for room transfer.

Am I allowed stay over at my friend’s place?
Yes, please get your parents and guardian permission before staying over at your friend’s place.

How much pocket money/allowance should I get?
It is depends on your agespending habit and family preference.  You can discuss more with our staff for general guidelines.


Do you monitor my academic progress?
Yes, we meet regularly with our students to do Target Set and Results Monitoring.
There are regular  supervised self-study sessions from Sunday to Thursday.


Do you provide Guardianship?
Yes, we provide Guardianship (free of charge) for all students who are staying in Milchel.


Who can stay in Milchel?
Any students with valid pass in Singapore can stay in Milchel.

How do I apply to stay in Milchel?
Please fill Milchel Booking Form and send it to along with a copy of the boarder’s passport details page.

Can I arrange for viewing?
Yes, please email to to make appointment. Please kindly provide the following information of the potential boarders; Full Name, Date of Birth, School in Singapore (if available).

How can I request for Quotation?
Please email and provide the following information; Short or Long Term Boarding, Check-in date, check-out date (only for Short-term Boarding), and preferred type of room (Single, Double, Triple/Quad).

What are covered in the Boarding Fee?
The Boarding Fees cover Accommodation, 3 Meals daily, Electricity, Laundry and Ironing.

What are covered under Program Fees? Can I opt-out?
Program Fees are made up of Activities Fees and English Reading Program Fees.
We strongly encourage all boarders to join our program for life-skill training.   Any request for Opting out will be assess on a case by case basis. 

Do I need to pay for Boarding Fee during my holiday?
Yes, all boarders in Milchel pay for their monthly Boarding Fee throughout the year until they checked-out. The space is also secured for them for long term use without having to be removed their belongings while they are on holiday.

Are my parents allowed to stay over in my room when they visit me?
No, parents are allowed to visit but not allowed to stay over.  For a list of possible hotels around us please refer to our website.

Do you provide Airport Transfer?
Yes, we provide Airport Transfer free-of-charge for our Long Term Students as long as their flights depart/arrive between 11AM to 6PM (Singapore Time).
Short Term Student can opt for this service at $60 per trip.

What time should I arrive for check-in?
All check in are to be pre-arranged with our hostel by filling in our pre-arrival form.

What time can I check-out?
Please approach our staff to make appointment for your check-out procedure.

Can I amend my booking for early or late arrival?
Yes,  however it is subject to our room availability and we will amend the Boarding Fee if required. For short-term booking no refund will be given due to short notice period given.  

Can I cancel my Booking?
Yes, please note that for Long-term Booking, Deposit paid will be forfeited. For Short-term Booking, all payment paid will be forfeited.  Any appeal will be assessed on a case by case basis.

For any other questions that is not include in this FAQs, please email to, and we will be happy to help you with your queries.